The demand for motorcycles has grown during the years and, as a result, the types of motorcycles have also grown. In many cases, there are people who want to have several different types of motorcycles for various types of riding. These can include:

motorcycle4Cruisers And Sports Motorcycles
The favorite type of motorcycle is the road bike. This bike was developed to drive on paved roads and it is available in the cruiser or the sport bike. The cruiser is generally easier to handle and it is built to last a long time. There are a number of styles and designs starting with features including the standard seat, standard handle bars and comfortable ride. These motorcycles also allow for ease in turning at both slow and fast speeds. They are the heaviest of the machines.

Some motorcycle riders have a mechanical ability and they have made their bikes into custom motorcycles. These bikes are also considered cruisers but with unique features. Multiple special additions including fancy handle bars, seats and tail pipes are added and the bike is called a chopper.

The sports bike is built for speed and power. Many enthusiasts use this motorcycle for racing because it has a sturdy suspension and tends to be much lighter than the cruiser. It is also known for a great turning ability at high speeds. Some communities have built motorcycle race tracks on which this bike can be used.

Dual-Sport Motorcycles
The dual-sport motorcycle is known for its capability of being either a road bike or an off-road bike. Its primary feature is the large tires which can easily work on pavement and on rough terrain allowing for commuting to work and weekend recreation.


Foreign Sport Motorcycles
These bikes are unique in their design since the rider must lean forward towards the handle bars when they are riding the bike. It is a matter of comfort since some riders prefer this position while others find it quite uncomfortable.

Off-Road Motorcycles (Dirt Bikes)
This bike was built primarily for the weekend enthusiast. It usually has a smaller engine and a suspension designed to handle hilly and rough trail situations. Racing on specific tracks such as for motorcross is popular. Since there is no need for a motorcycle license on this bike, all ages can ride them. However, good judgement should be used especially since there is no headlight or turn signals.

The Scooter
This bike is probably the simplest with running boards for the feet to rest on. It doesn't have a clutch so it is completely run with hand controls. Most scooters are used for short trips and work great for students on college campuses who use them to get back and forth to classes. They aren't known for great speed and because of their smaller size are easier to store in between use.

As you can see, there are a number of choices in the motorcycle world. They come in a different sizes, styles and price ranges. Many people like to have variety so they have selected several different models to own and they get a great deal of enjoyment from this mode of transportation.

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